Full Service Specialists

Alternative Dispute Resolution


All too often there are instances where someone is paying for someone else’s mistakes. For insurance this can go on in the form of unrealized subrogation file expenses. ICU can provide consulting and administrative support services to educate personnel in how to better capture their losses, also demonstrating different ways to account for ALL the costs that go into a loss.

ICU successfully recovered over $1,000,000 in subrogation for the City of Tampa, Florida between 2008-2009.


ICU wants to be your first choice for inspection of construction and workmanship related defects. Whether due to problems with site, design, material, construction, or natural causes, an independent assessment is key to identifying the defect and proper repair. We do more than a home inspection ICU provides complete, thorough, and independent investigations of defects in structural components.


We offer task assignment investigative services for automobile related accidents and insurance claims. We have licensed adjusters that are able to survey the scene of an accident, take photos and diagram scene, collect additional and in-person recorded statements. Contact us and we will gladly answer any questions you may have or provide you with more information!


ICU’s highly qualified adjusters are ready to professionally represent you during periods of unsettled valuation disputes. We maintain an objective mindset and are committed to providing value driven quality services focused on effective solutions.

Should you not be able to meet and/or come to an agreement during the claims process we can effectively represent you in mediations of settlement disputes. Continually striving to produce results based efficiency and efficacy.


We have a number of Umpires throughout Florida who have completed their certifications through the Windstorm Insurance Network. Our Umpires act in accordance with a strong code of ethics based on integrity, high moral conduct, trustworthiness and impartiality. Should you not be able to reach an agreement in the appraisal process we can offer fair, fast, competent, third-party remedial services.